Open evenings allows students, parents/carers to gain insight into the provision for students at Shirebrook Academy and discuss with staff any issues they might have.

Teachers are encouraged to allow more able students to work with less able students in promoting and supporting effective work ethics.

Residential to Belgium for all students from all backgrounds – attempting to provide students with an appreciation of different cultures and communities.

Residential to Lockerbrook for students from all backgrounds within the community – provides the opportunity to live with and interact with students who have differing opinions (religion, dietary differences, nationality)

Equality and inclusion are paramount at Shirebrook Academy and within the science department.  We have a specifically designed laboratory that allows delivery of the science curriculum to disabled students. This includes height changeable desks and it is shared with our partner school, Stubbin Wood, on a Monday.

Students are taught and are encouraged to find out about the work done by scientists around the world. The plan is to display this in and around the department to demonstrate the importance of different cultures and scientists of differing nationality – looking towards a global collaborative community.

Students investigate ethical issues such as animal testing and are encouraged to appreciate that different people may have different views to them and they should be tolerant of these views.

For their coursework, students in Y10 have to formulate a well-balanced, reasoned argument for the causes of global warming.

Delivery of Astronomical observation evenings that promote the ideas of European and Asian scientists and their importance in the development of current scientific theories and knowledge.