International Links

At Shirebrook Academy it is recognised that global issues are an increasingly important part of our students’ lives:
In a world of interdependent economies, widening access to other cultures through travel and the internet it is important that students understand the context in which they live and prepare for adult life.
Aims of the international dimension:
• To provide students with an informed awareness of a range of different cultures and countries
• To promote understanding of the diverse nature of local and national communities in the UK, and encourage students to respect and celebrate this diversity.
• To enhance the curriculum through active links with students and staff in schools in other parts of the UK and the world.
• To encourage students to participate as active citizens both in school and in their lives outside and beyond school.

Connecting Classrooms
The British Council Connecting Classrooms project has proved an excellent way to link Shirebrook Academy with other schools around the world, and make real connections between staff and students which help to bring global topics to life. We are currently involved in two projects –
Connecting Classrooms Middle East – this is in its third year, and has involved a staff visit to the United Arab Emirates, and a return visit from school staff from partner schools. Student artwork has been exchanged on the topic of ‘family’.
Connecting Classrooms Sub-Saharan Africa – new for 2010, this project will involve Shirebrook School working in partnership with Stubbin Wood School and Brookfield Primary School to develop links with schools in Sudan and Nigeria.

International Schools Award

In recognition of the wide range of international activities developed in recent years, we have been awarded a full International Schools Award, from the British Council.