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PAN consultation

A proposal to reduce the Pupil Admission Number (PAN) from 180 to 155 from September 2014 was agreed at a meeting of the schools Governing Body on 2 October 2013.

The Governing Body have proposed an admission number of 155 to allow Shirebrook Academy to deal with the growing number of in year admissions. The way the building has been designed we are unable to accommodate any higher number than this.

Student numbers have been lower than the proposed PAN of 155 for many years but should that change the school could not safely accommodate the existing PAN of 180. The reduction to the PAN will have no impact on staff numbers which would remain as they are to match the current student numbers and levels of funding.

The oversubscription criteria will remain the same and are included in the attached admissions policy for the school.


  • Shirebrook Academy parents and carers – by letter and school website.
  • Publically funded primary and secondary schools within a 5 mile radius.
  • Admission Authorities within a 5 mile radius.
  • Derbyshire Local Authority
  • DfE – Education Funding Agency
  • Trade Unions representing staff at the school.

The period of consultation is for 8 weeks from 11 November 2013 to 6 January 2014 (excluding any bank holidays). You may send your comments to the Principal at the Academy.

P001A Admission Arrangements 2014-2015 (in line with DCC arrangements) latest

Parent carer PAN consultation October 2013

Information and perimission booklets
All students should have recieved an Academy and information booklet. The information booklet provides a range of information about the Academy and the Academy day. The permission booklet includes a range of forms which need to be returned to the Academy to ensure that all contact information is up to date. There is also an Academy visits form which gives parental consent for your son/daughter to take part in Academy visits.
Parents Information Booklet 2012-2013 Y7
Permission Pack

Analysis of performance 2012


Pupil Premium
For the Academic Year 2012 – 2013 the Academy was granted£237,000 in pupil premium. This is money given to target children on Free School Meals to enhance their progress.
The money was spent in a variety of ways including:

  • running intervention groups in Y10 and Y11 during registration to enhance student learning and confidence
  • funding of £50 per student that could be spent on uniform / trips / extra music tuition etc
  • revision weekends and Saturday morning workshops
  • alternative curriculum pathways for students
  • staff CPD to enhance questioning and staff skills in ensuring students make adequate progress.

In 2013 Pupil Premium children gained 44% 5A*-C passes with English and Maths compared to the National Average of 37% in 2012.  Pupil Premium students also achieved 100% 5 A* to C- well above the national average.  The percentage of students on FSM who made the expected levels of progress was  60% in English and 69% in Maths.

A full report and spending breakdown can be gained by contacting the Academy, or by viewing the digital version Part 1 – Pupil Premium Report, and Part 2 Evaluation of Intervention.

Thomas Cook Holidays

At Shirebrook Academy we are always striving to improve attendance and enable our students to fully achieve their academic potential. From September of this year we stopped allowing holidays in term time. Although, we realised that this was an issue for some of our parents who find booking holidays in the summer to be too expensive, it was also having a detrimental affect on the education of many of our students. To maintain the excellent relations that we have with the parents of Shirebrook, we sought to try and help ease some of the financial burdens of a summer holiday. As a result we have forged a partnership with Thomas Cook in Shirebrook to offer discounted holidays for all of our student’s parents. This is open to all the parents of Shirebrook School. We hope that this will enable parents and students to enjoy time away as a family in the summer and promote good attendance and better results in term time. All holiday deals will be shown on the news page of the Academy website.

Staying safe on line – advice for parents/carers
The internet is such an integral part of children’s lives these days. It opens up so many educational and social opportunities, giving them access to, quite literally, a world of information and experiences.
Whether on a computer at school, a laptop at home, a games console or mobile phone, children and young people are increasingly accessing the internet whenever they can and wherever they are.
As you would protect your child in the real world, you will want to make sure that they are safe whatever they are doing. Like learning to cross the road, online safety skills are skills for life. If your child understands the risks and can make sensible and informed choices online, they can get the most from the internet and stay safe whilst doing so – particularly from those people who might seek them out to harm them.
How can you protect your child online?
The answer is simple. If you understand the internet and understand what the risks are, there are a number of things you can do that will make your child safer online. You can find out more on the CEOP website.

Is your son or daughter eligible for free school meals?
For further information on eligibility and how to apply for free school meals please download the attached document. Students who claim free school meals are given an Academy credit of £50 which can be used towards the cost of uniform and Academy visits.

Free School Meals

Career Planning
The Careers Education programme at Shirebrook Academy runs from Y7 to Y11, helping students to evaluate their skills and interests, explore career opportunities and plan for progression from Y11 into Further Education, apprenticeships or employment.
Key decisions are taken by students at the following times:
• Y9 – choosing subject options for Key Stage 4
• Y10 – choosing and securing a work experience placement
• Y11 – choosing and securing a place at 6th form, college, or in employment or an apprenticeship
In addition to the careers work delivered on super learning days, students will be able to use a range of other sources of help and information to help with these key decisions:
Connexions Service
Our personal advisor is in school every Tuesday to see Y11 students individually, and is available for a drop-in service to all students in the library at lunchtime
Connexions advisers are also available at parent events such as target review day, along with local college representatives
You can contact Connexions outside school for information and advice. Contact Chesterfield Connexions Centre on 01246 201581 or visit their website
Connexions in Nottinghamshire will also have information about local education and employment opportunities – Other sources of help
Heads of year, heads of department and form tutors are available to support students with choices, for example with information about Post-16 courses at the Academy, information about predicted grades, and in writing references for applications.
Students are encouraged to visit colleges and 6th forms for open days. Information is circulated in school about these dates.
The internet is a great source of information about jobs and careers, but check that information is up to date and relevant to your local area.