Assemblies are held weekly and lead by respective Heads of year, outside providers and students.

Assemblies may link into specific themed weeks or national events and those in the community. Assemblies also often link into recent events which have occurred and we regularly invite ex-students to raise aspirations.

Assemblies enrich the PSHE curriculum reinforcing British Values and setting high expectations for a cohesive community. Students are regularly praised during assemblies for attendance, achievement in order to promote and foster a team spirit to the year group.

A calendar of planned assemblies is available from Heads of Year.

Assembly topics at Shirebrook Academy (subject to change)

Month Suggested topics Details
January New Year’s resolutions 



Martin Luther King Day

Allowing students to reflect on what a new year can mean and how to make plans for the future through setting targets 

Looking at the life and history of Martin Luther King


February Valentines 

Pancake Day


Charles Dickens’s Birthday


Fair-trade fortnight

What is Valentines day – how it is celebrated 

The meaning


Who he was? Links to literacy and a celebration of his work


To delve into the now fashionable habit of buying Fair-trade produce and why it can actually benefit us as consumers as well as those who produce it for us


March World Book Day 

Sport Relief


Mother’s Day


No Smoking Day


April April Fool Consider what we can believe, what influences us etc… 
May Christian Aid Week 
June Time! Midsummer – longest day 

Father’s Day


Get students to consider how they use their time effectively
July The anniversary of the first man on the moon: 21 July 1969Teenage Cancer Trust

The Commonwealth


To celebrate and appreciate humanity’s ability to adapt, both scientifically and spiritually, to the things around. 



Based on the values of tolerance, respect and understanding.

September British Heart Foundation  Cover – Keep your Heart Healthy day
October Black History Month 

National Poetry Day


November Anti-Bullying 

Marie Curie’s Birthday


Bonfire Night


Remembrance Day


Children In Need


December World Aids Day 




Other topics which are recommended ideas for assemblies:

  • Belonging to a community
  • Care – thinking of other people in the community
  • Coping with stress / worry
  • Dealing with Bullies
  • Drugs
  • Disability (sport and in the community)
  • Diversity
  • Election
  • Family
  • Forgiveness
  • Friendship
  • Groups and communities
  • Grandparents
  • Heathly eating / living
  • Human Rights
  • Homophobia
  • International days…
  • Justice
  • Litter
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Peer Pressure
  • Personal Safety
  • Anti-Bullying (always good to cover in addition to anti-bullying week)
  • E-safety (good to reinforce in addition to e-safety and anti-bullying week)
  • Respect
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Saying what you mean
  • Shakespeare’s Birthday
  • Shirebrook’s Got Talent
  • Tolerance
  • Travel
  • Walking to school and being healthy
  • Winning and losing
  • Work Experience
  • Career Planning