Arts Week 2019

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landings, the Arts department at Shirebrook Academy went interstellar this year for their annual Arts Week with the theme of Space(d).

The atrium was transformed by a suspended hand-made solar system, space rocket, stars, astronaut, banners and murals. The lesson bells were changed to play spaced themed music including Ricard Strauss, The Beastie Boys and of course, David Bowie. During form time students were encouraged to engage in a competition to make eco-friendly scrap paper origami rockets and space sculptures using nothing but rubbish. The week also featured an array of events and activities organised by the department, beginning on Monday with the creation of our space themed well dressing. This ancient Derbyshire tradition was given a modern twist with a science-fiction scene created using natural materials set in clay.

On Tuesday our talented art teachers and students began a large-scale alien inspired artwork in the atrium entitled ‘Atrium 51’, the students were fascinated to see the eerie scene come to life as the piece developed.

Wednesday saw a plethora of activities and performances; at lunch the artwork continued, accompanied by an unusual soundscape – Steve’s Reich’s Pendulum Music, this experimental composition is performed by manipulating electronic feedback by swinging microphones suspended over speakers. Whilst we don’t expect it to be in the charts any time soon it certainly added to the spacey atmosphere!

Wednesday evening featured our Summer Showcase Concert and Art Exhibition, our talented Shirebrook musicians performed brilliantly to a large and appreciative audience of parents and members of the community.

Our science teachers joined in the festivities on Thursday by running an astronomy session on the field using special filters to observe and track sun spots. Meanwhile our special guest DJs were spinning the disks in the diner and taking spaced-themed requests.

The week drew to a close on Friday with a special eco-friendly percussion workshop where students built Taiko drums using old car tyres and parcel tape before composing rhythms to perform as an ensemble at break time. The instruments sounded fantastic and were played expertly by our year 7 percussionists. Friday lunch featured an impromptu jazz-fusion performance by our music teachers followed by an exceptional contemporary dance performance by Shirebrook alumni James Murphy and local dancer Lucinda Buckley. Their self-choreographed pieces wowed the large number of students who gathered to watch.

What a week… Beam me up!!