Computing and Business

Open evening to allow potential parents and careers an insight to our department and the curriculum we deliver

Primary Transition programme co-ordinated by the school to offer early taster sessions into our curriculum.

Primary support and programme offered out to all primaries at the beginning of the year, including being available for discussion of the new curriculum or the several primary events to showcase the robot e.g. Farmillo Primary on 15/01/15

Computing and Business week in conjunction with many partners outside of the school including Sheffield Hallam University and Nottingham Trent University.

The department have many links with businesses and have coordinated several projects with these.  For example taking students to NatWest on a Business and ICT careers trip or local businesses coming in to talk to students for GCSE Business Studies.

E-Safety is a key part of our curriculum that we deliver every year to all KS3 and option KS4 students.

KS3 are taught how the internet works, how information travels the world and how it can be translated into different languages.  They are taught how to search and find information relevant to the topic they are searching by looking at the country and organisation of origin for the information.

KS4 students are taught about ICT related legislation to ensure they are responsible citizens and users technology.  E.g. health and safety legislation; data protection act; copyright; computer misuse etc.

Students in KS3 are asked to be part of the BT digital champions’ project which requires them to help members of their community using technology.

The department will be hosting ‘Jam Packed’ an event open to primaries and secondary’s in the area as well as the local community.  This will also involve members of the computer science community across the world as we ask for volunteers to support the event and take part.

As a department we have offered to host Computing At School (CAS) events for the Computer Science teaching community to take advantage of.