Design and Technology

The design and technology department ensures community cohesion as follows:

  • The technology groups in both KS3 and KS4 are of mixed ability and sex. We encourage both girls and boys to participate in all the different disciplines that are on offer(e.g. Food, electronics, textiles and resistant material)
  • Food technology investigates different food products from other cultures around the world and find out why a particular country population has a certain type of food. Students then go on to make and sample different types of food.
  • Textiles examines different materials and techniques used around the world.
  • Health and social visit the local care home and get students to interact with the elderly.
  • Health and social also look at children’s development and child care.
  • Within each technology specialism both male and female staff teach the different disciplines (e.g. Food, electronics, textiles and resistant material) to avoid stereotyping job roles.
  • In resistant materials/electronics students exam different materials produced from around the world. Discussions on sustainability and the impact of using resources have on the environment are also discussed including the effect it has on the population.

The department also takes part in the following school activities:

  • Community fun days in the summer and winter
  • Transition days with the primary schools
  • Open evenings and parents evenings.