Y7 Prejudice and discrimination  – students look at the ways in which people are prejudice, where they can come from and also how to overcome these through tolerance of others.

Y7 promoting your World – students spend a day identifying all the positives aspects about their local area and then present these to other students – this includes location, things to do in the local area – to promote an understanding and pride of where they come from.

Y8 What difference can you make? module looks at how students perhaps use their ideas to help others in their community and global community, this has developed and now  Y8 lead the Oxfam Unwrapped campaign every Christmas.

Y7 Poland module –students spend a day understanding the reasons why people emigrate to the UK and the positive contribution polish immigrants make to the local and school community

Y7 Exploring other cultures – all students are invited to visit Derby Open Centre to experience elements of the Hindu and Muslim religions, including a visit to a Mosque – promoting understanding and tolerance of others.

Y7 What is it to be British module  – students look at what makes us British, using poetry, art and typical sayings they then present elements of the British society and characteristics – to develop a basis of their culture and a pride of where they come from.

Y7 British Christmas – all students spend a day in humanities looking at elements that make a traditional British Christmas, and includes a visit to the local church and opportunity for students to decorate a Christmas tree in their form.

Y7 all students are invited to be part of the residential to London – to visit the sights of the capital city and then consider reflectively how London is a global city and community when back in school.

GCSE humanities have a offered a residential to Poland every year  – which encourages understanding of different cultures, visits to holocaust memorial sites and an appreciation of a beautiful and cultural city – as they learn of the local legends and stories.

All humanities staff value each student in lessons and they promote students value of each other by listening to others in lessons and working together to develop a feeling of whole school.

The ethos in the humanities department is strong and the students have a sense of collaboration and which is promoted by curricular trips and projects.

·         Humanities have taken a positive approach to the growing number of EAL students within school – placing translations on power points/ in marking in books/ and using technology (ipads) for students in lessons to translate terms.