Personal Development

The PD programme includes a number of days which promote community cohesion, either in looking at friendship/family relationships, local citizenship topics or global issues. For example:

  • Y7 day – Introduction to citizenship (includes anti-social behaviour and bullying)
  • Y7 day – Make it Real Game – students look at the range of occupations needed in a community, the ways in which foreign languages are used in the workplace.
  • Y8 days on Relationships and Family including discussions around diversity
  • Y8 Prison Me? No Way day – students consider the consequences for society and individuals of crime.
  • Y9 day on Government and politics including studies of the role of local government in consulting with the public. Also session on Hate Crime with ‘Our vision Our Future’ (advocacy group with learning disabilities)
  • Y10 day on Crime, looking at legal processes and rights and responsibilities
  • Y11 Health day includes workshops on mental health and sexuality – raising awareness of diversity within the community and promoting tolerance.

A Connecting Classrooms Africa project was initiated with Stubbin Wood school, which has resulted in a link with schools in Sudan

Most super learning days involve students working either in mixed ability form groups or randomly selected teams, encouraging students to broaden the circles within which they would normally work and socialise in the school Students are encouraged to work together and support each other to complete tasks. Some Super Learning days also involve partnership working with Stubbin Wood school.

Students all have a two-week work experience placement in Y10 in which they are encouraged to consider the needs of local businesses and make an effective contribution to the organisation during their placements. Preparation for work experience includes topics such as stereotyping in the workplace. A targeted work experience programme is delivered in partnership with Stubbin Wood school.

Students will take part in a mock election in May 2015 with preparation and discussion of the main parties, policies and local issues in form time. This helps students to engage with local and national politics – over 600 students cast votes.

Students have opportunities to build links with other organisations in their communities outside of the main curriculum. Examples include:

  • Link work with the local special school, Stubbin Wood, for a citizenship project.
  • Participation in Enterprise challenge events with other schools in the district.
  • Student council groups are encouraged to develop projects which link with the community e.g. Y8 council link with a day centre for the elderly in Shirebrook.