Physical Education

Ofsted criteria (September 2014)

  1. Physical education is involved in the development of spiritual values by:
  • Within GCSE PE, students are learning and understanding about others’ beliefs and cultural backgrounds when it comes to participation in Sport and sporting choice.
  • Within KS3 students are develop their sense of enjoyments and fascination with others and the world around them during participation in SOWs such as Bollywood, Street and African style dance. Including the Haka in Y7 boys dance.
  • Gymnastics and dance- which is taught in both KS3 and KS4, including BTEC Dance, students are encouraged to use their imagination and creativity to enhance their learning.
  • Regularly reflection activities are timetabled and planned in all SOWs to try and engage students in their willingness to reflect on their experiences. Within KS3- two literacy tasks are based around this.


  1. Physical education encouraged the moral develop of pupils by:
  • Constantly reinforcing sportsmanship, the difference between right and wrong, the ability to follow rules within a game and sharing the consequences of when these rules are broken (all KS3 are taught the competition SOW to develop this philosophy).
  • The extra-curricular competition calendar also following NGBs policy, rules and procedures which reinforces the consequences of their action and behaviour.
  • The KS3 Competition SOW promotes students to investigate the moral and ethical issues surrounding competition, fairness and sportsmanship.


  1. Physical education promotes  social development by:
  • Students are encouraged to regularly work and socialise with a variety of students in PE- including a different socio-economic background.  This can promoted through game activities, dance group, gymnastic groups and OAA team.
  • PE promotes a leadership programme in Y9, which encourages students to work with the community and a variety of social setting.
  • GCSE PE AQA syllabus teaching students about British values when it comes to sports and their role within sport around the world. Sport as a vehicle is used around the world to promote mutual respect and tolerance of others. Regularly in PE this is discussed and shared with students.


  1. Physical education promotes students’ cultural understanding by:
  • GCSE PE AQA syllabus teaching students about British values when it comes to sports and their role within sport around the world.
  • Within KS3 PE students are often taught the history of the sport, and its relation to British heritage.
  • Within all areas of PE students are encouraged to work with a range of students. Their experience with others is discussed in relation to real-day Britain.
  • Students are of course encouraged to participate in sporting opportunities and the wide range of extra-curricular programme is offered to all students.


Physical Education has strong links in develop the links with the community, this can be through effectively working in partnerships with other school, primary providers and external agencies and the community.

Sport promotes pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development through competing against other schools, some of whom are from different cultural, religious and socio-economic backgrounds. Students also have the opportunity to be sports leaders to feeder primary school, SEN schools and other secondary schools- which further promotes community cohesion within the local district and county, with a wide range of cultural backgrounds.

The department has a particular strength with develop community links the Schools Sport Partnership, who have recently moved to academy, which has strengthened the link further.

PE at KS4, also offers an alternative route for students, which allows them access to learning in a wide range of community facilities, include Shirebrook Leisure Centre, Mansfield Superbowl, Mansfield Water meadows, and Doncaster Dome, Centre Parcs, Barlborough golf centre and Tapton golf club.

The PE department also offer students the chance experience facilities in their wider community through enrichment trips that the department have developed such as trips to Old Trafford, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield Motorpoint area, Derbyshire cricket ground, Birmingham arena, Doncaster Dome etc.

PE shares their facilities with the company ‘Facilities For All’ which host a variety of community clubs and teams to train which supports direct links from classroom to club. These clubs include Shirebrook Ranger FC, Chesterfield FC, Shirebrook Gymnastic Club, Premier Dance Education Club.

For 2014-15, the department has one member who works for 6 hours a week working in local primary school developing the community cohesion through sport across the cluster. 

The department regularly contributes to community events such as Winter Wonderland, Family Fun Day & host the Gym and Dance Display in addition to supporting press releases highlighting the achievements of the departments and our students.