Year 12

  • Aspire 6th form promotes good relationships between different learners across the Aspire community.
  • SEN students engage in a fully inclusive pastoral programme.
  • Tutorial programme allows for the following topics to be explored: citizenship, identities and communities, mental health awareness, politics, elections, government and democracy, resilience and tolerance, cultural sensitivity. All topics aim to develop students to understand be sensitive to the beliefs, be skilled in working collaboratively and independently and able to respond positively to challenges and problems.
  • Tutorial programme also includes the following external speaker sessions: Driver safety awareness, organ donation and bone marrow transplants, Samaritans
  • Students follow the AoPE qualification.
  • We help students to resolve tensions and conflicts independently and respond appropriately to injustice and prejudice.
  • Participation in the National Citizenship Service is promoted.
  • Broader skills relevant to learners’ progression and career aims, such as communication, teamwork, leadership, taking responsibility, reflective thinking, problem solving, independent enquiry and employability are all developed as part of the learner programme.
  • Students are responsible for themselves, confident and competent both academically and socially. They are taught to be able to distinguish between right and wrong and able to articulate their own attitudes and values.