The Academy considers the online safety of our students a key focus and priority. The Academy has therefore developed a team of e safety ambassadors who are available to support students, staff, parents and members of the community. The ambassadors are able to support students with a range of issues including privacy settings and account hacking. Where they feel that the issue is larger than they can deal with or a students safety is at risk the ambassadors pass information on to staff at the Academy.

Many parents are on social networks themselves however, some parents have no experience of them. The resources and links below are deigned to give you help and support whatever your level of knowledge. If there is additional information you need please contact Mrs Ward at the Academy who will be happy to help.

The Academy has also subscribed to the SHARP system. This is a system which allows you to report any on line safety issues to the Academy, including as an anonymous report. On the website you will also find the CEOP reporting button. Please encourage your students to use these systems to report any on line issues.

Below is a list of useful links

Online Safety Information

Drug Crimes

Facebook privacy settings

Facebook graph search settings

Ask FM guidance


Video chat and webcams

Filtering and Blocking

Meeting Stangers

Online Friends, gaming, reputation and risks

Privacy on Social Networks

Supporting Resources