Shirebrook Academy Mission Statement

Shirebrook Academy aims to be:  “A community of inspiration, excellence and opportunities for all to grow”

 According to an African proverb, ‘it takes a whole village to raise a child’. Similarly, it takes a whole school to educate a child with everyone in the school community playing a vital role.  Educating a child is a collective endeavour, we stand and fall as a team, we celebrate each other’s success and we take collective responsibility and support each other when we fail.  So, the chief responsibility of everyone at Shirebrook Academy is to make sure that every student has the best possible experience of school and is able to be the best that they can be.

That means placing equal value on all the different aspects of a good education.

Good qualifications are obviously vital for a young person’s future, they are the keys that open doors to further and higher education and employment.

But we strongly believe that education is about much more than passing exams. It is about developing skills that we need at work and for future study – communication, teamwork, problem-solving, organisation, self-discipline, leadership.

It is developing a love of learning that will last a lifetime, approaching learning with a ‘growth mind-set’ that makes us see mistakes and failure as a natural part of learning.

It is about fostering the values and character traits that make us fully rounded adults who make a positive contribution to our community – kindness, compassion, courage, honesty, integrity.

It is about learning how to live a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. Planning for the future and taking control of our own life.

It is about making the most of experiences, broadening minds & developing interests in the world around us – that might be sport, music, art, theatre, foreign travel, charity work  – doing things we have never experienced before and might not get the chance to experience if not through school.

To fulfill this educational vision every member of Team Shirebrook pulls together in the same direction, certain of our goals and confident in our ability to achieve those goals.

We are all leaders, we are all learners and we are all valued members of this “community of inspiration, excellence, and opportunities for all to grow”

Mark Cottingham