June/July PD lessons
Y7 – Personal Safety Y7 PD – June July
Y8 – Drugs/Alcohol Y8 PD – June July
Y9 – Citizenship – laws, hate crime and government Y9 PD – June July
Y10 – Personal Health Y10 PD – June July
Surviving Lockdown – PD lesson 24/3/20 Surviving Lockdown
Thinking ahead – use these careers resources to help you research and plan for Post-16:
Information for Y11 students 30 April – Y11 Careers powerpoint
Colleges and 6th forms – admissions policies during coronavirus closure period – School closures – admissions information for Y11
Useful websites for researching Careers:  Researching Careers
Complete this survey for Derbyshire County Council – to help them decide the future of the Youth Council – https://www.snapsurveys.com/wh/s.asp?k=157979847471
Y8 PD lesson 31 March and 21 April Y8 PD work for Closure and HomePack2
Y9 PD lesson 31 March and 21 April Y9 PD Lessons for Closure – Fix Up Academy
Y9 PD lesson 28 April Y9 PD lesson 3 – Healthy Eating
Y10 PD lesson 31 March and 22 April (deadline for Prize Draw 22 April) Y10 PD work for closure and DANCOP Independent Me (1)
Y10 PD lessons 28 April to 19 May – select 4 hours of activities from all these ideas….Y10 Virtual Work Experience
Y10 West Notts College presentations West Notts College Online Programme of Activities