How we promote the British Values and provide Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Guidance to students


How we enable students to develop self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence

  • This theme runs throughout Personal Development/Super learning days, in particular days which focus on relationships (Y7, Y8, Y9) and Careers (Y8, 9, 10, 11). Work experience is a good example.
  • STREET curriculum develops independent learning, reflective practice.
  • Very strong Arts links including emphasis on drama and performance.


How we enable students to distinguish right from wrong and to respect the civil and criminal law

  • Y7 citizenship day – importance of laws in maintaining a community
  • Y8 Prison Me? No Way! Day – presentations and activities to develop understanding of laws and consequences
  • Y8/9/10 health days – look at legal aspects e.g. illegal drugs, consequences, discussion of common values
  • Y10 Crime day – mock trial, discussion of sentencing – support from visiting magistrates.
  • History Trip to Galleries of Justice.


How we encourage students to accept responsibility for their behaviour, contribute positively to society

  • STREET – work on charity fundraising, identifying needs in the wider community
  • Wide range of anti-bullying initiatives
  • Work experience including alternative work experience.
  • Year group councils
  • Peer Mentoring and Peer Reading.  An Ambassador Scheme and Head Boy and Head Girl.
  • Extensive charity work including raising 14k for a trip to Namibia by a group of students.
  • Leadership roles in lessons and work on fair play and etiquette in PE.
  • Whole school community days.


How we promote broad general knowledge of public institutions and services in England

  • Y9 government and Democracy day – lessons on House of Commons, democratic processes. Y9 visit to Houses of Parliament
  • Y9 enterprise day – linked to Bolsover District Council regeneration initiatives (for example designing an Enterprise centre for Shirebrook)
  • Promotion of support services e.g. NHS, voluntary organisations, helplines, etc. through all health related super learning days – wide range of visiting speakers
  • Work experience, College and University visits
  • Y7 and Y8 Careers days – look at range of organisations and occupations that make up a community.
  • STREET work in Year 7 a Citizenship and Community within Britain.
  • Trip to Derby Open Centre.


How students acquire an appreciation of and respect for their own and other cultures

  • STREET – significant amount of work on other cultures, including trip to London, trip to Derby Open Centre
  • Discussion of values relating to relationships/politics/work – help students to develop respect for others opinions and backgrounds.
  • Languages week to promote languages.
  • Numerous trips e.g. Paris, Belgium, Poland (Holocaust Trip), London etc.