Sponsors provide support to Academies in a variety of ways, including providing financial backing and by offering expertise and increased opportunities for students in their specialist areas. In this way, Academies can operate independently, offer flexible enhanced opportunities for students and continue to provide high-quality, free education that will prepare students for the challenges of the workplace in the 21st century.

Sponsorship means Academies can respond to the special needs of students presented by the challenges of the local environment, while at the same time offering education that is focused on long-term career opportunities.

At Shirebrook Academy, AllRoads, County Property Services and Sheffield Hallam University will be partners in bringing their skills and expertise directly to students in the Academy’s specialist areas of Science and Construction.

Teamwork will be at the heart of this approach, providing traditional and non-traditional routes into further and higher education and the workplace, to suit the needs of all of our students.