Gifted and Talented Provision in Physical Education

Shirebrook  Academy PE department has a strong tradition of success in sport and we support our most talented young sportsmen and sportswomen in various ways.  The school supports students that are progressing within the ranks of professional clubs, elite standard performance, county or national teams by communicating with staff regarding stringent training schedules, late night or weekend long fixtures or competitions etc.  This means that staff can make certain allowances with work due etc.  The Senior Leadership of the school also, in some cases, make changes to week long or day to day timetables following consultancy between clubs, parents and other parties.  All of these measures mean that students that possess a growing talent can flourish within their sport whilst achieving at school.


Year 9 Leadership programme

The Year 9 Leadership programme helps to develop the wider skills involved with helping to deliver sport sessions to younger Secondary and Primary pupils. They also have access to various coaching and officiating courses in addition to the programme.