If you still need to enrol for Aspire or would like to apply Mrs Skelton will be available on Thursday 28 August 10am-12pm.

Registering for Aspire

Year 11 students who have applied for post 16 courses with Aspire will be able to enrol when they collect their exam results on Thursday 21 August. To be able to complete this process students will need to bring the following information with them:
- Proof of identification (Acceptable proof of ID includes:Passport, National insurance card, Bank card, Driving licence, ID card)
- GCSE results
- Your own bank account details (not your parents) for any bursary payment applications
- Proof of parental income such as a payslip or bank statement or proof of any benefits being received for your bursary application

Applications for Aspire are still being accepted. If you would like to apply on Thursday 20 August please see Mrs Skelton or Mrs Wakefield and bring the documents listed above.

Returning in September

Please Note

Years 7, 10 and 11 return to school on Monday 8th September

Years 8 and 9 return to school on Tuesday 9th September

GCSE Results Day – Thursday 21st August 2014

Students may collect their examination results from the Academy between 10.00am -12.00 pm on Thursday 21st August.

Also available on the day will be a CD containing all the photos taken at the Year 11 Prom. CD’s can be purchased for £2

Family Fun Day

fun day pic 2Thousands of people turned out in the blazing sun for a fun day hosted by Shirebrook Academy.

With fairground rides, bouncy castles, crazy golf and a miniature petting zoo there was lots to keep the whole family entertained. Miss Hawker put herself in the hot seat on the receiving end of water balloons being thrown by anyone who fancied perfecting their aim.

Andy Gilbert, the vice principal of Shirebrook Academy said everyone had a great day.
He said: “We had lots of families there with young children – more than last year – and that’s what we wanted.

“We want the whole community to embrace the fun day and use the facilities that the Academy has to offer them. Everywhere you looked there was something different going on and lots of people having lots of fun.”

The group of students travelling to Namibia on Monday were also there doing some last minute fundraising for their trip, eager to hit their total.

There was also an owl and bird of prey display, a bungee run and dunk tank.
All the events were free to attract as many people as possible.
Mr Gilbert said: “We can’t wait to get started on next years’.”

Behaviour Policy- Key Changes

From September 2014, the Academy’s Behaviour Policy has been modified.  The key changes are as follows:-

  • There will be an increased emphasis on ‘Rigour and Consistency’ from all staff; especially in applying the behaviour policy, as well as, recording and monitoring poor behaviour.
  • The introduction of a SLT detention room.
  • The introduction of Vice Principal’s Behaviour Panels- for students approaching a fixed term exclusion.
  • The introduction of an Isolation room- which will be situated on the old site, as part of the Pine Cone Project.  This will be run and supervised by members of the Senior Leadership Team.
  • If students do not comply with ‘Reasonable Requests’ they will be placed in the Academy’s Isolation room.

For the full behaviour policy, please follow the hyperlink below.

Uniform Policy- Key Changes

From September 2014, the Academy’s Uniform Policy has been modified.  The key changes are as follows:-

  • White shirt or blouse must have a top button which is fastened
  • A Skirt- this must be at least knee length
  • Black smart leather shoes- no trainers, pumps, converse shoes, boots or high heels
    • No skinny or skin tight trousers, leggings, jeggings or jeans
    • No baseball caps on the Academy’s grounds
    • Jackets cannot be worn instead of blazers- at any time in the school year.
    • No stretchers allowed
    • No bracelets and necklaces are  allowed (including LOOM bands)
    • Body jewellery/Facial Piercings are NOT allowed.
    • No extreme hair colours or hair styles


If students fail to comply with these uniform standards then they will be asked to rectify their appearance.  Failure to adhere to a reasonable request will lead to being placed in the Academy’s Isolation room.

For the full Uniform Policy, please follow the hyperlink below.

P030 Student school dress policy

P024 Behaviour Discipline and Exclusions Policy

Industrial Action 10th July

Industrial Action on the 10th July 2014
Shirebrook Academy will be open to Students as normal.
All Students who do not receive a Free School Meal will need to
bring a packed lunch with them on this day.

Save a Life World Record Breakers


Shirebrook Academy become Life Savers and World Record Breakers

On Friday 27 June over 1700 people descended on Shirebrook Academy to take part in a mass participation event which saw students, staff and community members receive Heart Start Training and become world record breakers at the same time. The event, hosted at the Academy and organised in conjunction with Bolsover District Council, The Community Save a Life team and the British Heart Foundation, saw participants learn basic life saving techniques such as the recovery position, CPR, and how to deal with chocking. The previous World Record stood at 1700 people completing the training at the same time, and although we are waiting for the official word on our success from Guinness, the final count stood at 1800 participants, smashing the World Record! Well done everyone!