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Statement of intent: Art, Photography, Music and Drama.

The Arts curriculum at Shirebrook Academy is designed to allow all students the opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills, cognition and character through creativity, expression and reflection. Through a broad, rich and exciting curriculum, students are able to experience a variety of materials, instruments, genres, texts, techniques, and resources and have the opportunity to develop skills in a wide spectrum of disciplines alongside developing creativity, cultural knowledge and understanding.

Students will be able to gain an appreciation of the historical development of the Arts and the key artists, composers and performers who have shaped its development. Contextual and cultural links are made regularly, allowing for a deeper exploration of the way the Arts both reflect and shape societies. We endeavour to provide our students with the opportunity to develop their artistic vocabulary and academic language ensuring that they are able to articulate their decisions alongside being able to evaluate and critique the work of others. In doing so, we are ensuring that we are providing a rich and challenging curricula that meets the needs of the National Curriculum, prepares students for further study and provides them with many of the skills and personal attributes required to become well-rounded and equipped members of our community.

The structure of our curriculum ensures that the key concepts, skills and vocabulary are delivered in Year 7 and are then developed over time with increasing complexity, independence, confidence and sophistication as students progress through the Academy. We believe that academic and creative mastery in the arts is achieved through long-term application, practice, experimentation and critical reflection.

The power of the Arts to broaden emotional and mental wellbeing is well-understood and is vital for the development of young minds. Therefore, self-expression, creativity and personal development are fundamental aspects of our Art, Drama, Music and Photography curriculum.