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Behaviour & Attitudes

Shirebrook Academy’s Ethos and Values are based on four core principles that sit at the heart of all that we aim to achieve at our Academy.

Our values are:

  1. We always allow ourselves and others to learn
  2. We show respect towards everyone and our academy rules
  3. We value everybody’s contribution in our academy
  4. We keep everyone safe

Shirebrook Academy Ethos and Values are displayed around the academy building and are in student planners. Our Ethos and Values statement is used to inform our teaching and learning practice and forms part of our shared language about expected behaviour and attitudes across Shirebrook Academy.

The Shirebrook Academy Behaviour and Rewards Policy is based on reinforcing and rewarding positive behaviour from our students.  All staff are responsible for the fair implementation of the Behaviour and Rewards policy and procedures.  The Policy has been created considering the needs of all of our students and the behaviours and attitudes that will help them to be successful in their learning.

Parents/Carers are expected to work in partnership with us to ensure that their children show the standards of behaviour and appropriate attitudes expected that enable all students to learn.

Students are expected to take responsibility for their own behaviour and are made fully aware of the Academy policy, procedure and expectations through assemblies, form time, notices in classrooms, information in student planners and meetings with year team councils. Students also have a responsibility to ensure that incidents of disruption, violence, bullying and all forms of harassment are reported.

Shirebrook Academy staff will work with students, parents/carers and, where needed, The Inclusion Team and external agencies to assess the needs of, and provide support for, students who may need additional/specialist provision.