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Praise and Rewards

Praise and Reward at Shirebrook Academy:

Shirebrook Academy's rewards system looks to recognise and celebrate students who adhere to our Mission Statement and Ethos and Values in lessons, tutor time and within our academy.  For the 2023-24 Academic Year, we have also introduced a new 'House System' that will ensure that character contributions including kindness, honesty, integrity, compassion and courage are also high profile for praise and reward.  

Praise and rewards are used to model standards of behaviour and expected attitudes across the academy. Children are rewarded in a variety of ways at Shirebrook Academy including through assemblies, displays and in year group, academy and trust reward events and celebrations.

The Academy rewards system has a stepped approach that begins with classroom/tutor time on a daily basis and then develops into weekly, half-termly, termly and annual praise and reward recognition and events.  Faculties and pastoral teams also reward students across the curriculum in Years 7-11.

Shirebrook Stars is a rewards programme that enables Shirebrook students to be recognised for a range of achievements and their success shared across the academy and wider community.

Shirebrook Shining Stars is a prestigious awards ceremony which takes place annually, with students across each faculty area awarded for excellence, as well as high profile awards for significant contributions to our academy and wider community.


Day-to-day rewards Half-termly rewards Termly rewards Academic year rewards

House points – to be awarded every lesson to reward students for excellent learning. Examples could be for excellent effort, progress, contribution, attainment, demonstrating character values etc. House point updates shared weekly in assemblies

Learner of the week – one student per year group displayed in each faculty area each week – names should be refreshed every week after CET. Names must also be shared with Natalie Langrick to collate.

Tutee of the week – one student per tutor group displayed on form boards each week – focus on attendance, House points and excellent learning.

Rewards assemblies (led by Pastoral and Learning Leads and Pastoral Support Managers)

Rewards activities/events linked to progress in House competition

Shirebrook Stars

Rewards trips (ensure blue forms with requests/rationale are submitted in advance to LT Associate)

Rewards breakfasts

Attendance rewards (students identified and awarded by EWO) and Attendance challenges – rewards/prizes linked to excellent attendance

Rewards activities/events linked to progress in House competition

Shirebrook Shining Stars

Other Shirebrook Academy/ACET rewards events 

Rewards activities/events linked to progress in House competition