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Principal's Welcome

On behalf of all members of our academy community, welcome to Shirebrook Academy.

It is an honour and privilege to introduce myself as the Principal at our academy and to be able to work closely with students, staff, governors and parents/carers to support our school in being the best that it can be.

Shirebrook Academy is a member of the family of schools that comprise Aston Community Education Trust (ACET).  Many developments have taken place since Shirebrook Academy joined ACET in 2017, and I am delighted to be able to lead our academy in its next exciting phase of development.

At Shirebrook Academy we have the highest ambitions, standards and expectations for our students.  Our Mission Statement places students firmly at its heart and focuses great emphasis on the importance of:

  • high quality learning and teaching,
  • valuing everyone’s contribution,
  • keeping each other safe
  • working in close partnership to inspire our students and support them.

In recent years the curriculum at Shirebrook Academy has changed to better meet the needs of all learners.  Our curriculum is broad and balanced and we are constantly reviewing it to ensure that it evolves and enables all students to flourish.  We are proud that we are acting in our students’ best interests with a three-year Key Stage 3 to embed learning and enable students to be prepared for their two-year Key Stage 4 studies in Years 10 and 11.

At Shirebrook Academy we value Personal Development alongside traditional academic and vocational learning.  We know that it is important for our students to develop effective communication and people skills and a wider awareness of their role in society.  Our character values education promotes kindness, honesty, tolerance and respect and we aim to ensure that all of our young people know the importance of fundamental British Values.

The ethos and values that underpin our behaviour and attitudes at Shirebrook Academy including enabling ourselves and others to learn and respecting our academy, are shared with all members of our community and support us in building a culture of appreciation and teamwork.  It is only through working together and everyone contributing that we will be able to realise our vision of Shirebrook Academy being a shining star in our local and wider communities.

Our academy is a very special place full of young people with talent and potential.  In order to ensure that this is nurtured and enriched it is important that collectively we never limit or excuse.  We will work tirelessly to support your children in achieving their true potential but we cannot achieve this alone, which is why we feel partnership working is so important.  Shared messages are far more powerful and impactful.  Thank you for your commitment to helping your children to achieve excellence, make the most of every opportunity and grow as learners and individuals.

We look forward to welcoming you to our academy throughout the academic year, confident that you will receive a warm reception from all members of our community.  If you have any questions about your child and their learning, please don’t hesitate to contact

Kindest regards,

Lindsey Burgin

Mrs Lindsey Burgin


Shirebrook Academy “A community of inspiration, excellence and opportunities for all to grow”