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Restorative Practice

Restorative Practice is a key part of our Behaviour and Rewards Policy.

Restorative Practice can be defined in the following ways:

  • A way of working with conflict that puts the focus on repairing the concern that may have arisen
  • An approach to conflict resolution that includes all of the parties involved
  • A term used to describe principles, behaviours and approaches which build and maintain healthy relationships and a sense of community and can resolve difficulties and repair harm where there has been conflict

Restorative approaches are based on four key features:

  • RESPECT: for everyone by listening to other opinions and learning to value them
  • RESPONSIBILITY: taking responsibility for your own actions
  • REPAIR: developing the skills within our school community so that its individual members have the necessary skills to identify solutions that repair harm and ensure behaviours are not repeated
  • REINTEGRATION: working through a structured, supportive process that aims to solve the problem and allows young people to remain in mainstream education

Young people make mistakes - as we all do.  At Shirebrook Academy we take a sensible and equitable approach to ensure that conflict is resolved in the best interests of all young people involved.  

Through restorative practices, we are able to teach socially acceptable behaviour and ensure that everyone feels listened to and heard.  All young people are able to participate in restorative conversations and in the development of agreement where conflict has arisen, to ensure that no individual feels that they are being targeted or unfairly treated.  All students involved have a responsibility to keep themselves and others safe and show our character values of kindness, honesty, integrity, compassion and courage.