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Curriculum Intent Statement - Science

Science at Shirebrook Academy is delivered by a team of specialists under the direction of Head of Faculty, Mrs Gambles.  The team seek to inspire and enthuse students, developing a sense of excitement and curiosity about natural phenomena, allowing them to see the relevance of science in the world around them every day. 

The curriculum is built around several “big ideas” that are built on and returned to, over time, in order to ensure that our students:

  • Acquire a breadth and depth of substantive knowledge that cumulatively builds over time, across multiple science disciplines and students can articulate scientific concepts fluently.
  • Acquire a breadth and depth of disciplinary knowledge that cumulatively builds over time, so students understand how science has developed theories and are able to replicate these enquiries.
  • Understand the importance of science to society and their own lives; in the past, and the continuing importance of science in solving global challenges of the future.
  • Develop a lifelong curiosity and passion for science, providing the foundation for everyday life and for a range of STEM careers that are crucial for economic, environmental, and social development of the community and beyond.

The curriculum is based upon learning mastery with an emphasis on supporting learners to make progress before moving on to new content and skills. Assessments are used to identify and address misconceptions and are clearly linked to homework. 

Those students who wish to pursue Science in more depth have the option of following the AQA Triple Science pathway, which leads to them achieving 3 GCSEs in Science.  If not following Triple Science, students will follow the AQA Trilogy Combined Science pathway and achieve 2 GCSEs in Science. Both Science pathways are 100% examination assessed, and all students will sit 6 exams during the Year 11 exam period.