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Year 9 Options

Dear students and parents/carers,

The aim of this website section is to give further information about the subjects that form our KS4 curriculum at Shirebrook Academy.  Our qualification profile enables our curriculum to remain broad and balanced for all of our students and it allows our young people to build their knowledge, understanding and skills in preparation for the next stage of their education, training and employment post 16 – which is integral to our mission statement. 

Making informed and considered choices is very important and reading the options guide, alongside speaking to subject teachers and conducting further independent research is a crucial part of the options process.

All of our students will study English Literature, English Language and Maths.  All students will also study Science and we encourage the study of a Modern Foreign Language and Humanities subject for the majority of our students.  Alongside these core subjects are a range of other subjects at GCSE and BTEC level that students may wish to study.  All students will receive an option form where they will be able to make their choices.  Option forms have been allocated to students considering a range of learning indicators and to support them in making choices that will help them to achieve their best. 

We will be with our students every step of the way, advising and guiding and providing further additional help and support should it be needed.  Choosing Key Stage 4 options and thinking about Level 2 qualifications, course requirements and examinations can be daunting, but we endeavour to do all that we can to make the process as positive and reassuring as possible.

We hold an Options Information Event for our students and parents/carers to attend where we give further information about our curriculum subjects and hold personalised conversations to ensure that the specific needs of all children are carefully considered.  Our Careers and Personal Development Team speak to our students, asking them to think carefully about longer-term career aspirations and goals and which subjects and qualifications may be useful in supporting them.  We are a fully inclusive school, and proud to be so, and our Inclusion Team also speaks specifically to students that may need further support and guidance during our options process. 

This coordinated approach means that all of our students receive advice, care and guidance from multiple adults within the academy and are signposted to further support, where required.

We value working in partnership with parents/carers and know that you will be speaking to your children about their preferred subject choices whilst also considering their progress from their monitoring reports and speaking to Shirebrook Academy staff at the Year 9 Consultation Evening.  If you have any questions or queries that would support you in having options conversations with your child, please don’t hesitate to contact

Working together we will make a difference for our young people and help them to achieve their best.

Kind regards,

Lindsey Burgin

Mrs Lindsey Burgin